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Hi, I’m Natalie!

I specialize in Studio and Lifestyle photography with 9+ years of professional experience. Originally from San Francisco, I found my way to Los Angeles working as a freelancer. My imagery is known to be clean, colorful, and vibrant with a touch of movement. I am currently channeling my creativity by experimenting with different mediums such as illustrations, video, and graphic design...stay tuned for some magic on this site, it's always changing!

​I am very personable and comical so if you are modeling, I will make sure you are completely comfortable. You'll probably be laughing at me doing all sorts of unique poses for you to try. If you have products, send them to me! I use Capture One live view so you can see in real time as I shoot. I am obsessed with design and detail which is why I love what I do and will shoot until it looks perfect. The studio is where I spend most of my time...well I also live in it, but it's a place to feel the most creative, starting from a blank canvas. I get to illuminate darkness and play with Photons; those tiny packets of energy--you better check yours! 

In case you are wondering about my lighting; it was acquired through Brooks Institute, a photography school, where I spent hours measuring light and perfecting ratios. Very technical and actually involved a lot of word problems, old-school film cameras, hands-on experiences in the studio, and intense critique from teachers. Yes, photo school is more than pressing a button. 

If you’d like to book a session with me or have a big project, I’d love to hear your concept and goals. My intention is to create compelling content even better than you imagined. I am always up for challenges and collaborations so don't be shy. I will help build your brand in a strategic way and would love to see your current website.

Look forward to hearing from you!

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About Natalie Costello. Photographer. Artist. Shoutout LA
Natalie Costello Photography
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