Hi, I’m Natalie! I specialize in Editorial and Product photography in Los Angeles, California. I am passionate to create content for health and wellness brands that will bring change around the world. 


My imagery is known to be clean, colorful, and vibrant with a touch of movement.


I channel creativity through my daily routines: yoga, exploring new locations, and learning industry trends.


My technicality stems from Brooks Institute, a photography school, where I spent hours measuring light and perfecting ratios. #Photomath, yes, it's more than pressing a button! 

My interests include exploring "boujee" coffee shops, retreats, teaching yoga, and hip-hop! I might even freestyle rap or dance on set to get the energy flowing. It is more than just a photoshoot, it's an experience. Let’s be unique and make your vision happen! 

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About Natalie Costello. Photographer. Artist. Shoutout LA
Natalie Costello Photography
Natalie Costello Photography